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  • The therapeutic potential of ayahuasca

    The therapeutic potential of ayahuasca

    The first studies on the therapeutic benefits of ayahuasca began in the 1980s. These investigations suggest several psychotherapeutic utilities related to both pharmacological effects and subjective experience. Read more:

  • Exploring the Benefits of Ayahuasca: A Summary of Scientific Research

    Exploring the Benefits of Ayahuasca: A Summary of Scientific Research

    Ayahuasca, a beverage traditionally used by various indigenous cultures in the Amazon region, has captured the interest of the scientific community in recent decades due to its potential therapeutic effects on mental and emotional health. As research continues to advance, new and fascinating aspects of the benefits of this ancient medicine are being discovered. **1.…

  • Medication and Health concerns

    it’s important to address certain health concerns and medications before taking ayahuasca to ensure the safety and well-being of the individual. Here are some key points to consider: Medication Interactions: It is essential to review any medications you are currently taking, as some drugs may interact negatively with the components of ayahuasca. For example, antidepressants…

  • How ayahuasca acts on the psyche in a ceremony?

    During an ayahuasca ceremony, the way this medicine acts on the psyche can vary from person to person and from session to session. However, there are certain common patterns observed in many experiences: Expansion of Consciousness: Ayahuasca tends to expand consciousness, allowing participants to access deeper levels of perception and understanding of themselves and the…